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  • We change the way of EVENTS!

  • We change the way of EVENTS!

  • We change the way of EVENTS!

  • We change the way of EVENTS!

Our tailored suite of services caters to deliver unparalleled experiences.

Marketta aims to become a hallmark of innovation and reliability in event management, setting new industry standards. Starting in Egypt, our ambition extends to the Gulf region, where we plan to bring our diverse portfolio of services to an expanding clientele.

Our Services

Registration System

Efficient and user-friendly registration system for seamless onboarding and data management.

Live Transmission

Instant, seamless live transmission for dynamic content delivery.

Branding & Booths

Elevate your brand with captivating branding and booths that leave a lasting impression.

Digital Solutions

Innovative digital solutions for a tech-forward and streamlined business experience.

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Audio Visual Services

Immersive audiovisual services for a captivating and memorable sensory experience.

Media Production

Crafting compelling narratives through top-tier media production for a lasting impact.

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Digital Marketing

Mobile App



LED Screens

Digital Solutions


Events Management

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the
power of emotion across ever element of its expression. Developing
the best digital experience in the field.

Our vision

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A: The registration system streamlines onboarding through a user-friendly interface, minimizing delays and optimizing data management.

A: Absolutely, our live transmission services enable real-time content delivery across diverse platforms for maximum reach.

A: Our services provide captivating branding and booths, creating a memorable presence that enhances brand visibility and leaves a lasting impression.

A: Our digital solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to provide a tech-forward and streamlined business experience, ensuring adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

A: We offer immersive audiovisual services, combining visual and auditory elements for a captivating and memorable sensory experience.


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